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OHS - Coursework Example

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Investigations and post mortem reports showed that the baby had died from an overdose of calcium chloride given to her by Nurse Kimberly Hiatt The nurse was on…
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Extract of sample "OHS"

Download file to see previous pages The nurse only did what she had to do to the best of her ability with disastrous consequences.
By using the Systems Approach to Occurrence Causation (SAOC), we can conclude that the cause of the occurrence can be traced to several factors that combined to bring about the event. We can start of by pointing out that the nurse was on duty unsupervised. This was of course what led to the patient sustaining the overdose which led to the brain hemorrhage that killed her. The second cause can be attributed to the nurse not having proper knowledge concerning the dosage required for the child and as such ended up giving ten times more than was required and the child’s system could not handle this. Third we can attribute the occurrence to a failure by the hospital to implement proper guidelines that would have prevented the nurse from administering the medicine without a doctor’s supervision. Lastly the medicine was administered at a time off the usual routine which made it hard for the doctor to be available as per schedule which could have negated the need for the Nurse to do the administration of the medicine alone without supervision. The other cause can be put down to understaffing at the hospital which meant there was no qualified pediatrician when the Nurse was doing her rounds administering the medicine.
In this incident, the energy in this scenario is the medicine being administered and we can identify the administration of the medicine as the source of risk especially without proper supervision. A hazard is a source of potential harm in terms of human injury, ill-health and damage to property, the environment, or a combination of these. In this case, we can pinpoint the hazard as being the drug administered by the nurse.
This case can also be used to express an example of psychosocial hazard. The work conditions were liable to cause the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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OHS Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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