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The Future of Terrorism - Essay Example

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Introduction: The terrorist attack targeted at New York’s World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, not just shook the nation but sent shockwaves throughout the political and national infrastructure (Poynter Institute, 2001, P.47). The nation became vulnerable to the stream of…
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The Future of Terrorism
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Extract of sample "The Future of Terrorism"

Download file to see previous pages t governmental agencies, including the CIA, FBI, and FEMA to work collectively, and sort out effective tactics to be immediately implemented for combating terrorism (Ward, Kiernan & Mabrey, 2006, p.2). The Future of Terrorism Task Force is also a part of the US government’s strategic foundations on protecting America, and was created for predicting the status of terrorism in the coming years. The main task for this force was to accumulate evidence regarding the scope of terrorist activities in future, and then develop effective policies and recommendations for the Government to prevent upcoming attacks from happening. The January 25, 2007 report contained guidelines for the next five years. This paper is aimed at reviewing this report presented by the Future of Terrorism Task Force.
“In designing homeland security policies, uncertainty about the forthcoming threat creates a number of problems. If we do not know the scale and nature of future threats, deciding how many resources to devote to homeland security efforts and choosing among different security measures is difficult” (Jackson, 2008, P.11). This explains the reason behind the creation of a proper task force to assess the future of terrorism and determine the most effective actions to counter terrorism. In the report, firstly the areas of weaknesses have been acknowledged and presented before the DHS to evaluate and respond, which is commendable (Security & Council, 2007, p.3). That is because first-hand knowledge and an in-depth analysis of the areas to work on will not just ensure the workability of these recommendations but effective policy management too. Another point to be noted is that the task force has covered every aspect of probable terrorist attacks, ranging from reviewing al-Qaeda’s future status to cyber terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism possibilities (Security & Council, 2007, p.3). This provides an overview of the diversity of ways the nation could be attacked along with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Future of Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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