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Reflective for personal worldview - Assignment Example

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In the current and even the past world, human beings have always been objective in life, more so, subjective. Humans beings live in today’s…
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Reflective for personal worldview
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Extract of sample "Reflective for personal worldview"

Reflective for Personal Worldview Perspectives in the book that are reasonable and why? After reading the book, “The Universe next Door” to chapter six, the perspective of existentialism is more elaborate and reasonable. In the current and even the past world, human beings have always been objective in life, more so, subjective. Humans beings live in today’s world with an objective. Most human beings at least at some point in life have a desire to possess more material wealth. In addition, all that human does is subjected to a cause and its effects. All that happens has a chronological event. It is also reasonable to say that human beings are subjected to controllable freedom and stability. The world remains subjective to human beings, hence, the need for human to always have an objective in life. It is also evident that human beings are controlled by what most of them consider being inexorable laws. This keeps humans on toes to always know that each of their deeds have an effect which could be either ruin or make them. This can easily be related to the Biblical views of many individuals in the world.
Perceiving different worldviews
Yes, I am able to perceive different world views in family, friends, acquaintances and most importantly, fellow students both in my country and Canada. All these different individuals have different views on the seven basic questions that Sire uses to explore his views on the book, The Universe Next Door. Sire’s categories fit especially into my personal experiences and critically others individuals too. The world view attempts to infiltrate the main Christian beliefs and even go to the extent of opposing Biblical worldview. This has continuously created war between the hearts and minds of the humans. Lack of self awareness of the media, friends and family has contributed greatly to the different perceptions. Read More
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(Reflective for Personal Worldview Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Reflective for Personal Worldview Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Reflective for Personal Worldview Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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