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Why There Would Be No People Without Plants - Essay Example

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Some people consider plants to be among the oldest life forms on earth. Using energy from the sun, plants have the ability to manufacture and produce their own food. This is what brings about their unique nature. In…
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Why There Would Be No People Without Plants
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Download file to see previous pages Since humans exhale carbon dioxide, plants use that to create oxygen that enables humans to live. This makes life possible for all living forms on earth. This paper will review the importance of plants, and how their existence orchestrates the existence of other life forms.
Plants have the task of cleaning the air. This implies that they take up all the carbon dioxide that humans exhale, and turn it into oxygen. They are a primary source of energy. This is because some individuals somewhere in the world do not have electricity as a form of energy. They provide basic heat energy in the form of charcoal and wood. It is a known fact that, without this heat source, many lives would perish (Balick & Cox, 1997).
Through plants, the soil pH and acidity is maintained. It is through the existence of shrubs and grasses that the top soil is stabilised and held in place. Through any form of erosion, soil would be rendered useless. The growth of anything on earth depends on how the soil tends to behave. Supporting life form on earth is based on the ability to grow and sustain food (Balick & Cox, 1997). This can only be possible if rich, top soil is maintained.
Through plants, it is possible for human beings to get treatment for certain diseases. Some plant species aid in the excretion of chemicals that help combat diseases. Without some of these plants, it would be next to impossible for humans to exist for long (Chiras, 2011). Isolating plant proteins is responsible for this, and through technology; many scientific breakthroughs in medicine are made possible.
These proteins are synthesised in plants. Through cellular respiration, the conversion of these nutrients into biochemical energy occurs. This further leads to the breakdown of large molecules into much smaller ones, thus releasing energy to the immediate environment. This occurs through aerobic and anaerobic respiration. Though they perform almost similar functions, the two operate under different conditions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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