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Small vs. Big Government: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Both - Essay Example

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A small government promotes a proper way to meet the satisfaction of the people who would pay a lesser amount of taxes, and where government roles and principles are not…
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Small vs. Big Government: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Both
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Extract of sample "Small vs. Big Government: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Both"

Download file to see previous pages nd comparison of small and big government, the purpose of this paper is to explore their advantages and disadvantages in relation to the different parts of the political system: the constitution, public policy, political ideologies, political parties, and American institutions.
A small government would contribute to the lives of the people when the rates of financial markets would be moderate with proper taxation, high economic growth rates, and high mortality rates (Bourne and Oechsle). However, one of the advantages of a small government emphasizes a part of the political system such as the constitution. A small government covers the constitution as an advantage because the constitution comprised bill of rights that promote the welfare of the people. The constitution served as the basis of the government when people’s rights to property and to life were equally given. It served as the basis of how presidents in America’s small government generated the rules for the people, of how customs were respected and valued, as well as how the amendments of the states were articulated (U.S. Department of State). With this, one can assume that the constitution is great in a way that it could emphasize how an American congress is organized to promote justice and fairness for the poor and wealthy citizens. Hence, the small government, with its constitution as a contribution, could benefit the citizens to exercise and patronize their human rights.
A small government could also give an advantage to people with the public policies that are imposed by the government officials. When the current condition of the state has moderate rates to crime and economic status, the small government could serve as a great benefactor of how the public policies were made by the congress without compromising the needs and wants of the American citizens. The activities and livelihood of the American citizens in this case were provided with equity and just.
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