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Why are people scared and why people dont want to go to doctors - Research Paper Example

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Thousands of people refuse to visit their physicians, simply because they have a fear of medicine, hospitals, and medical manipulations. Many people are simply afraid of hearing bad diagnosis and prefer not to go to…
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Why are people scared and why people dont want to go to doctors
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Extract of sample "Why are people scared and why people dont want to go to doctors"

Download file to see previous pages Regardless of the disease, timely diagnosis and treatment are vital to achieve the desired health outcomes (Storla, Yimer & Bjune 15). More often than not, the map of the problem looks as if patients have some inherent emotional or mental disorder that prevents them visiting their physicians on time. In reality, the situation is quite different, and it is not patients’ fault that they cannot reach the doctor on time. It is because of problems with medical care, failure to provide safe and painless medical manipulations, and speak with patients adequately and comprehensively that individuals develop the fear of medicine and refuse to visit their physicians on time.
To begin with, the quality of medical care by itself becomes a serious barrier to accessing and using health care. Modern life is very active and people prefer to turn to their urgent responsibilities than to sit and wait until the doctor is free to receive the next patient. Patients do not want to go to doctors, because they expect they will need to wait hours, before they get to the needed specialist. Waiting times remain a serious problem in today’s health care, and few patients are willing to spend hours in the waiting line. As a result some patients fail to visit a doctor even after spending much time near his room, because the doctor has to go home as his working day is over. This situation is not acceptable at all and serious measures should be taken. “Time spent waiting is a resource investment by the patient for the desired goal of being seen by the physician and therefore may be moderated by the outcome” (Anderson, Camacho & Balkrishnan 31). However, how much is much and how much is enough to sit waiting for the physician? It is like waiting for hours in the Hopkins Gynecology Clinic: “The public wards at Hopkins were filled with patients, most of them black and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Why Are People Scared and Why People Dont Want to Go to Doctors Research Paper.
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