Book Report Six Pages Total Double Spaced and The Name Of The Book Is (So Much Reform) and the aurthor is Charles M. Payne - Term Paper Example

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So Much Reform, So Little Change is a book by Charles Max Payne; it focuses on the reforms carried out in urban schools and the challenges they face in the implementation. In addition, the book seeks to recommend changes that can be effected to avoid failure in…
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Book Report Six Pages Total Double Spaced and The Name Of The Book Is (So Much Reform) and the aurthor is Charles M. Payne
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Extract of sample "Book Report Six Pages Total Double Spaced and The Name Of The Book Is (So Much Reform) and the aurthor is Charles M. Payne"

Download file to see previous pages The book focuses on the disconnection existent between educational policy and the said realities of urban schools. Payne seeks to define failure and looks into the causes; he refers to them as hardly surprising. In reference to this, the book proves just how much information Payne has accumulated on the said failures about which he writes (Payne, 2008).
As regards the causes of failure, Payne indicates that it is due to reformers, policy-makers and school communities that urban schools fail to meet their goals. This is because they focus more on reforms but not what the reforms can do to aid their performance and achievements of the schools they represent. What he considers surprising is the fact that reformers, school communities and policy-makers never seem to learn from the mistakes they make. This is in relation to the knowledge that they accumulate in the process of improving the public school system and lack of implementation of the experiences they acquire. The failure of adults to learn lies in the basis of social issues ranging from racism and poverty to privatization of public interests. Payne shows the relationship between social failures and those that affect public school systems. The dysfunctional social systems result in overall failure of implementation of relevant social and educational understandings (Payne, 2008).
As a result, the thesis of the book revolves around failures of various stakeholders in the education sector and the entire book keeps referring to the point of failure. In addition, according to the thesis, this situation remains repetitive based on mutual demoralization of schools as organizations and manifestation of the irrationality of actions taken by schools. In addition to the thesis statement, Payne intertwines various other concepts of failure in the book to demonstrate his point and air his view openly for open interpretation by members ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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