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Stems Cells - Research Paper Example

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This paper seeks to address the issue of cloning and stem cells, with explanations of the terms and other components related to the terms. First, the research paper will seek to…
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Stems Cells
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Extract of sample "Stems Cells"

Download file to see previous pages Stem cells refer to undifferentiated cells that have the capacity to differentiate and form specialized types of cells; these cells also have the ability for self regeneration. The potential of stem cells to differentiate encompasses the ability to develop and form other cell types. For instance, a totipotent stem cell such as a fertilized egg can develop into cell types such as embryonic membranes. In addition, a pleuripotent stem cell can advance and develop into cell types, which may emanate from all three germinal layers. Self-regeneration entails how stem cells divide, leading to the production of other stem cells. The division takes place symmetrically during the early stages of development. This means that each cell undergoes division, resulting to daughter cells that have the same potential (Panno 1).
Later on, asymmetrical division takes place with one of the daughter cells produced during symmetrical division, leading to the production of a stem cell and another cell that has more differentiation. Stem cells tend to occur in most multi-cellular organisms. They have the ability to undergo mitotic cell division and renew themselves. As a result, they may differentiate into numerous specialized cell types Panno 10). There are two main sources of stem cells; these include embryos that may be formed during embryological development (embryonic stem cells) and adult tissue, which can also be referred as adult stem cells. Adult stem cells can also be referred as somatic stem cells; after the development of the embryo, they can be found all over the body. Embryonic stem cells emanate from a human embryo, which can be four or five days in the development phase known as a blastocyst Panno 12).
Cloning refers to the process whereby there is the production of multiple offspring that tend to be identical. It entails the asexual production of a copy that looks exactly like the original. For instance, cloning can be used in the production of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stems Cells Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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