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:Nationalized Models & Country Comparisons Chart - Essay Example

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The health care system before proposals were made by President Obama for was not universal which means that not every citizen had health care insurance cover. The health care system in the United States is funded by the federal government. Some of the programs that are receiving…
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:Nationalized Models & Country Comparisons Chart
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The United s Health Care System The health care system before proposals were made by President Obama for was not universal which means that not every citizen had health care insurance cover. The health care system in the United States is funded by the federal government. Some of the programs that are receiving huge support from the government include the Medicaid and the Medicare. In this system, the citizens have a choice to obtain health care insurance either through their employees or they sign up for private insurance providers (Jonas, Goldsteen, and Karen, 2007).
In the private insurance schemes, American citizens are forced to pay regular premiums. In some cases, they are expected to pay part of their medical costs that cannot be afforded by the private insurance schemes. This system is known as deductible in the United States. The amount of money citizens pay for private health care insurance varies on the type of schemes and their plans (Andersen, Rice and Kominski, 2007).
To avoid the challenges affecting the US health care system, there are proposals that were introduced. The first proposal requires that every citizen in America to get health insurance. In cases whereby individuals cannot afford insurance, insurance exchanges be set up. Further, subsidies are to be introduced for those who cannot afford health care.
The South Africa’s Health Care System
There are different types of health care systems present in South Africa. Basic primary care is offered by the government while highly specialized health care systems are provided by the private heath care providers. The public sector, which is funded by the government, is under resourced since there are no adequate health care facilities to cater for the population. The government spends 40 percent of its expenditure on health care services. The private sector and their health care systems are designed for the middle class as well as the high income earners. The two systems of health care are inaccessible to most South Africans (Haan, Dennhill and Vasuthevan, 2005).
There are several citizens in both countries that are uninsured. According to the US Census Bureau, about 46.3 million Americans do not have health care insurance. In South Africa, poverty and the expensive nature of private heath care systems affect the quality of health care. The bulk of funds necessary for the operation of the health care systems in South Africa and United States come from the government.
In the United States, individuals without insurance are expected to pay their medical fees alone while in South Africa, the government has availed universal health care scheme. Health care in South Africa is challenged shortage of health care professionals while the US health care is challenged by the ever rising costs. The changes in the US health care system would help reduce the federal deficit. This will be done through tackling waste, fraud and abuse. South African health care caters for all members of the public even those who do not have health care insurance. The Unites state’s health care does not cater for the uninsured members of the public.
The solution to the challenges facing the US health care system lies on the coverage and cost. The health care should be able to provide cover for citizens who are not insures. Secondly, the government should cut on the cost of medical care. The rising cost of medical care ensures that the state spends more on Medicare and Medicaid. South African health care system solutions can only be solved through the universal health care scheme. This will ensure that all citizens receive medical care regardless of their income and poverty levels.
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Jonas, S., Goldsteen, R., and Karen, G. (2007). An Introduction To The U.S. Health Care System. New York: Springer Publishing Company. Read More
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