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Humans Place within the natural world - Essay Example

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This paper explores some of the famous American artists and writers who greatly influenced American history, artistic traditions, and perception of human place in the world in general. Opinions are quite divergent on the use to which people should put their lives in society, more so in the natural aspect of the universe. …
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Humans Place within the natural world
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Extract of sample "Humans Place within the natural world"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, artists such as Arthur Durand, Thomas Cole, and poet William Cullen Bryant also contributed greatly to past and modern understanding of the place of human being in the natural world. Because of the differing views and the subsequent contributions of these renowned artists, the world today has a better grasp and understanding of the presence and the purpose of human being on earth. People currently have a better perceptive of their purpose in life and the manner in which they should interact not only with humans and non-human animals but also with the rests of the natural world. What is more, the ideas advocated by these people in their artistic works have enabled humankind to make more sense of the social, cultural, economical, and social forces and structures in the civilized world.
Although they contributed to the rich artistic history of the American people in different ways, Ralph Waldo, Henry David Thoreau, and Usher B. Durant contributed to the artistic history of America in almost similar manner. Waldo, an American essayist, lecturer, and poet, spearheaded the Transcendentalist movement in the USA the mid-19th century. In so doing, Waldo criticized the societal pressures that dogged peoples’ lives and emphasized individualism in his many published works. In fact, by championing Transcendentalism in many of his published works, Waldo slowly moved away from his contemporaries with whom he had professed rather radical religious and social beliefs. Among the core essences of life as perceived by Waldo included social, cultural, and religious ideas that he did not impose on people but gradually developed to endear people to these perceptions. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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