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Option 1 Amadeus - Essay Example

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The film, Amadeus (Amadeus, 1984/2002) is a movie that narrates the life and work of Mozart and the professionally rivalry between him and his contemporary composer, Salieri. Last ten years of Mozart’s life is depicted in this film (Amadeus, 1984/2002). During this period,…
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Option 1 Amadeus
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Download file to see previous pages In his confession, Salieri describes how his professional jealousy led him to force Mozart to write his own requiem mass, which Salieri intended to steal from him and present to the world as own musical work (Amadeus, 1984/2002).
Salieri also describes how the fateful turn of events lead Mozart to die, his requiem mass unfinished, along with the murderous plot of Salieri for Mozart also imcomplete (Amadeus, 1984/2002). This writer chose this film for analysis, because the music of this film is inextricably connected with the central plot and its unfolding. This kind of a film on a musical genius could not have been possibly made without incorporating his musical works into the film. Every crucial dramatic moment in the film is linked to what these two musicians were doing in the field of music. Hence this film is a rare instance where the plot and music tracks merge inseparably into each other.
It is music that generates the theme of this film, leads it to its climax and gives it a sense of purpose. The film opens with the Symphony no.25 in G Minor, K.183 composed by Mozart, as the opening credits are displayed. The calling of the name, ‘Mozart’, in the opening sequence has a timing that fits rhythmically into the accompanying musical bit (Amadeus, 1984/2002). The composer, Salieri is seen trying to commit suicide and being taken to the hospital when the symphony plays on, but not continuously- there are dramatic breaks that let the dramatic events to unfold. And after this symphony stops, there is the noises of the crowd, which reminds one of the cheering crowds inside a musical theatre after a concert. But then the visuals show that it was the noises inside a mental asylum. Here, it can be seen that the music suggests what is going to happen, prepares for the forthcoming shock, mourns the tragic events, but yet withdraws at the crucial moment as if it is least bothered. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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