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Make a list of the activities he or she engaged in and determine the proportion that can be classified in terms of the four management functions, three managers skills and Mintzbergs management roles.
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HIM 3240
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Follow and observe a manager during his or her daily activities. Make a list of the activities he or she engaged in and determine the proportion thatcan be classified in terms of the four management functions, three managers skills and Mintzbergs management roles.
Daily Activities of a Manager
There are several activities which a manager performs depending upon the types and size of business. The most common of the activities of business manager includes:
Team building
Holding staff meetings
Appreciating subordinates
Balancing books
Delegating tasks to subordinates
Asking for employee’s feedback and inputs
Encouraging employee to utilize their talent
Communicating honestly
Acting in accordance with goals and objectives of the business
Four Management Functions
Four management functions include:
i. Planning
Defining goals for workers, departments and organization
Setting goals and objectives for employees
Setting overall strategies for organization
Developing hierarchy of plans to coordinate and integrate activities
ii. Organizing
Determining the activities required to be done
Assigning tasks to subordinates
Team building for appropriate tasks
Who needs to report whom
What types of decision to be made (decentralized or centralized)
iii. Leading
Directing employees
Motivating employees
Resolving conflicts
Selecting effectives channels of communication
iv. Controlling
Comparing actual performance with the desired performance
Monitoring overall performance of organization
Rectifying deviations (Stimpson, 2010)
Three Managers Skills
Three essentials skills for managers were first identified by Robert Katz. They are:
i. Technical Skills
For each job, employee must possess appropriate skills. Employee must have specialized expertise over these skills.
ii. Conceptual Skills
Conceptual skills include diagnosing and analyzing complex situations. It requires managers to identify a problem, spot a solution, implement alternative and selecting the best and the most appropriate alternative.
iii. Human Skills
It requires managers to cooperate, coordinate and motivate other mates. Interpersonal skills are considered as human skills. Most people posses strong technical skills but are incompetent when it comes to human skills (Stimpson, 2010).
Mintzbergs Management Roles.
Henry Mintzberg has proposed three managerial roles. They are:
i. Interpersonal Roles
Leadership- train, motivate, hire and discipline subordinates
Liaison-contacting outsider for information related to organization
Figurehead- performing symbolic and ceremonial duties
ii. Decisional Roles
Entrepreneur- must bring new business opportunities
Disturbance handler- having commands of dealing with uncertain and unexpected situation
Resource allocator- must have the ability to locate resources required to execute business opportunities
iii. Informational Roles
Monitor- collecting relevant information from both in and outside the organization
Disseminator- communicating the information to the other members of organization
Spokesperson- having the ability to represent the organization positively to outsiders (Stimpson, 2010).
Works Cited
Stimpson, P. a. (2010). Business Studies 2 ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Read More
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