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Benefits of breathing in Pilates - Term Paper Example

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The exercises lengthen, strengthen and realign the body in a quest to improve endurance, control and power (Mama’s Health, Para. 1). It is composed of…
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Benefits of breathing in Pilates
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Extract of sample "Benefits of breathing in Pilates"

June 21, Pilates is a system of movements and exercises that focus on developing muscle strength to optimum and increasing flexibility. The exercises lengthen, strengthen and realign the body in a quest to improve endurance, control and power (Mama’s Health, Para. 1). It is composed of six original principles aimed at establishing and improving the quality of one’s work out; and includes alignment, breath, concentration, control, flow and stabilization. This paper will focus on the details involved in the breath principle of Pilates. It will also pay attention to the benefits of practicing Pilates.
In Pilates exercises, breathing was conducted according to belief that having blood pumped to awaken all cells in the body and carry away all the waste related to fatigue. For this purpose, the blood has to be oxygenated and free of waste gases by breathing properly. Therefore, Pilate exercises demand for inhalation in preparation for a movement followed by exhalation just before execution of the movement. In any movement, one should always breath and especially in all the difficult portions of a movement. Pilate’s exercises call for breathing deeply and fully where inhalation is through the nose and exhalation is through the mouth.
Breathing through the nose warms the air and filters it thus ensuring there are no toxic materials entering the body. In the process of inhalation, the diaphragm contracts and allows more air to fill the lungs (Pilates Trends, Para. 4). At the same time, the ribcage expands out to the sides and back, and as a result, the shoulders move upwards. These movements allow for the lower part of the lungs to receive oxygen thus increasing efficiency of the gaseous exchange process.
In an exhale, the ribs relax and come closer to the medial plane allowing the diaphragm to relax and arc upwards in the abdominal cavity (Pilates Trends, Para. 5). As a result, air is forced of the lungs thus taking away the carbon dioxide from the body. Breathing in Pilates follows several principles that are to be followed at all times: one should always keep one’s breathe flowing and therefore, should not hold their breath. Air should be inhaled through the nose and exhaled through the mouth while exhalation should be through the mouth should be done with relaxed lips and not pursed ones. Also, exhalation should be done to flex the spine and inhalation should be to extend it. (Pilates Trends, Para. 9)
Pilates exercises are beneficial to those who take part in them and have been for numerous therapies and treatments. Pilates exercises help to build a strong core/ center by exercising the muscles of the abdomen, lower back, hips and buttocks; and as a result, it emphasizes on the importance of appropriate postural alignment of the skeletal system and the spine (Bora, Para. 4). It also contributes towards building a long, slender, and strong body that has a healthy muscle tone as compared to other exercises that concentrate on building injury prone bulky muscles. Therefore, it is used in sports to reduce susceptibility to injury.
In therapy, it aids in exercising muscles or patients and elderly people suffering from rheumatism and arthritis. It, therefore, helps them increase the range of motion of their muscles and joints while easing the pain in their stiff joints (Bora, Para. 6). In addition, breathing exercises benefit the mind and body by improving blood circulation so that all cells in the body receive adequate amounts of oxygen (Bora, Para. 4). At the same time, it rids the body of waste in an efficient manner.
Pilates are exercises meant to benefit all participants in multiple ways, especially in staying healthy. Pilates are, therefore, crucial exercises that should be taken part in for their health benefits.

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Benefits of Breathing in Pilates Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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