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Reseach Method - Coursework Example

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The rate and levels of interest to be expressed by villages living 10km away from the road can be expressed or tested with a quantitative analysis by sampling the degrees or numbers of intent expressed by some of these people or villages who live far (10 km or more) from the…
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Reseach Method
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Extract of sample "Reseach Method"

Download file to see previous pages Village 14 was used as a case study for sampling respondents to express their intent of supplying mangoes to the factory. The responses were analyzed with the use of the SPSS. From the analysis, it was seen that of a total of twenty two (22) respondents who answered either yes or no, eighteen (18) of them said yes, whiles four (4) of them said no. What this means is that the intention of villages in household living 10km or more from the factory to do business with the factory by supplying mangoes is higher. In terms of percentage, this is represented by 81.81% of Yes as against 18.19% of No. The interpretation that can be given to this result is that the responses did not reflect the hypothesis that proximity would be a key factor for the villagers in deciding whether or not they would supply mangoes to the factory. Some of the factors that were considered, based on which the hypothesis was drawn includes the fact that, farther distances from the factory could generally affect the expenditure on transportation for the villagers. Once the expenditure goes up, their profit margins are likely to be affected. This statistical logic has however been defeated. Invariably, the villagers are hopeful that an increase in the expenditure for transportation would be reflected in the prices they charge on unit tone of mangoes sold to the company and so they would make their profits in the long run. This assumption not withstanding, it would be very appropriate for the villages that live 10km or more from the factory and thus stand some chances of raising their prices to reflect expenditure on transportation to realize that increases prices of mangoes could be a competitive disadvantage to them if villages living near the factor sell at lower prices. The only economic principle that could possibly defeat this analysis is in cases where demand from the factory is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reseach Method Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 Words.
“Reseach Method Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 Words”, n.d.
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