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Cyber Crime - Research Paper Example

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Cyber crime takes the form of defrauding bank accounts that are online and the illegal downloading of music files. Moreover, the creation and distribution of viruses on…
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Cyber Crime
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Extract of sample "Cyber Crime"

Download file to see previous pages Cyber crimes have brought massive loss of funds and relevant authorities should formulate measures in order to address the situation.
Consumers and businessmen have continued to face the problem of cyber crime as the legitimate uses of the internet have become more sophisticated and diversified. The crime that started in the late 1990’s as a form of social engineering whereby criminals would steal passwords for consumers account with the intent of getting free connectivity has acquired significant growth and expansion into a profitable industry with the new forms of crime. These forms are monetary theft, identity theft, extortion, money laundering and industrial espionage among other crimes (Ionescu, Mirea and Blajan p.375).
The criminals who undertake various forms of cyber crimes operate from almost anywhere whereby they target businesses and people in all countries. There are many challenges that are posed by the volume and the scale of cybercrimes. Moreover, the technical complexity in identification of the cyber criminals makes it hard for the criminals to be brought to justice. The increase in the number of internet users and the nature in which most businesses are conducted online has enabled cyber criminals to increase their opportunities. Furthermore, law agencies have not formulated comprehensive mechanisms of addressing the issue of cyber crimes and the traditional type of policing that exists in many countries is incapable of apprehending the cyber criminals (Ionescu, Mirea and Blajan p.375).
There are major types of cyber crimes. Vandalism of services concerned with telecommunication is one of the many forms of cyber crimes. This form has become a major industry whereby criminals are able to access circuits, make their calls and sell airtime to third parties. Moreover, the criminals have been able to access the telecommunication systems through impersonation of the technicians. This is achieved using software ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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