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It has some well proven power in establishing brand names in a very cost effective manner. This makes it an outstanding tool in marketing this product to the public. Public relations will include a…
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Bubble Tea new product offered by Seattles Best
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Public Relations Public relations is a core tactic in marketing and should be placed beforehand. It has some well proven power in establishing brand names in a very cost effective manner. This makes it an outstanding tool in marketing this product to the public. Public relations will include a variety of activities such as press relations, editorial coverage, newsletters, press familiarization trips, philanthropy, planning of special events, and community relations.
With the proven credibility of the media, unlike other traditional sources, more emphasis will be given to the information and how it will be disbanded. Some of the forms that will be put in place are through the print media and press releases. Some of the team members will schedule interviews with journalists. There will be the use of newsletters which will be smartly issued to the public. The team will be equipped with cases/case studies that depict a positive name for the company. Photographs of smiling clients will be of essence too.
Special events are a traditionally acclaimed method of attracting clients. One of the biggest hits will be staging a formidable grand opening and special exhibits. The main ingredient of the special events is the time that will be dedicated, the place, and the people involved. In one event such as the grand opening, we can come up with more other subsidiaries. Winning methods are holding luncheons, banquets, speeches and contests (Fischhof and Lanz, 1).
In short, in marketing this brand, we are going to dig deep into the right channels of promotion not forgetting the power that comes with social media.
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Fischhof, Barbara and Lanz, Leora. How Does Public Relations Fit into a Hotels Marketing Plan? HVS, Mar 8, 2004. Web. Jun 10, 2012. Read More
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