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Technological issue in homeland security - Case Study Example

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The chief focus of Homeland Security is to provide security and protect U.S. from terrorist activity (Alperen, 2011). Homeland Security also deals with Border Security, cyber and immigration security and…
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Technological issue in homeland security
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Download file to see previous pages According to Vacca (2007), the internet has led to vast transformations in the Homeland Security. For many years, the internet has been utilized to enhance communication between terrorists. The terrorists are also utilizing the internet as a recruiting tool, and support of terrorist organizations; it is through the internet that various terrorist organizations communicate and advise each other on the tactics to use in attacking their enemies. The internet has also enabled Homeland Security to get information in a cheap and easy manner; obtaining of information through the internet is easy since, at a single click, Homeland Security can have a lot of information. This has helped the Homeland Security to detect any threats to security and act promptly, thus eliminating issues of terrorism.
Sharing of information from one individual to another over the globe has been necessitated through the use of the internet. Hence, the Homeland Security can access terrorism information over the globe through the use of the internet. This terrorist information is usually crucial in eliminating terrorist activities and improving security. On the side of Homeland security, the internet has been an excellent tool since it has assisted the department in identifying individuals who may be terrorists through the use of biometric technology (Alperen, 2011). According to biometric technology, every person possesses certain traits; behavioral and physical, which identify people in a unique manner.
The internet has made the revelation of operations done by the Homeland Security officials feasible. Through internet hacking or cyber crimes, the terrorists can access crucial information from the Homeland security website. Because of this problem, the Homeland Security has increased cyber intelligence through seeking Information Technology professionals to assist in tracking of the terrorist activities on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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