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“When two people exchange a coin, they will be left with one new coin each; whereas when two people exchange an idea, they will be left with two ideas each”. This is the crux of brainstorming. It is a participative solution finding process for any group faced with a…
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Brainstorming: “When two people exchange a coin, they will be left with one new coin each; whereas when two people exchange an idea, they will be left with two ideas each”. This is the crux of brainstorming. It is a participative solution finding process for any group faced with a problem.
To elaborate on this with an example, as a student, when I was part of the English Club ‘Elite’, in my school, we came up with a brainstorming session among the Elite members to revise and restructure the entire concept of the Annual Fest for Literary events. The conventional events such as essays, debates in their various forms and norms had somehow lost their sheen and it was time for interesting and innovative activities to enter Elite. I guess we had overdone it with the traditional ones. The willful participation and the pure desire to achieve something for the greater good of the student community was exhilarating! Well! In the two hours session that we had, all the boys and girls shared an enthusiastic vibe and the hall echoed with charming and smart ideas pulled out form many corners. The diverse experiences we had in our life and the many backgrounds that we hail from – all started giving results. A fun list was arrived at that included ‘Rhyming Couplets’, Mismatch Story’, ‘Air Crash’, ‘Wake up as a Celebrity, ‘I am stranded on an unknown island’, ‘Translate yourself’ etc. If literary events were meant to strengthen one’s speaking, listening, understanding and analyzing abilities in a language, why not have some decent fun along?
Not only was the effort worth its pain, it in fact gave a certain confidence to the participating members, which reflected in their expressions glowing with satisfaction, when the Convener approved it.
The impact of brainstorming is very positive in this example as it was nurtured by the group for the group.
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Brainstorming Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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