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It was adopted on May 1, 2008 by the San Diego International Airport Authority Board for planning development of its 661 acres of land. The master plan focuses on the future needs of the airport in terms of the…
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Airport Master Plans
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San Diego International Airport Master Plan I have chosen the master plan of San Diego International Airport. It was adopted on May 2008 by the San Diego International Airport Authority Board for planning development of its 661 acres of land. The master plan focuses on the future needs of the airport in terms of the high projected growth of operations, passengers and cargo. As a result of the implementation of the aforementioned master plan, the runway congestion anticipated to reach 300,000 between 2015-2022 will be controlled in a manner that it does not exceed this benchmark. Similarly, the passenger growth will reach to 17. 4 billion by 2030 and there is required more runway space to cater to this large number of passenger growth on annual basis. The cargo will increase by 4.8 percent annually whereas, the cargo operations will increase by slightly less momentum than the cargo. The master plan caters to all these issues in a direct and comprehensive manner. The current master plan has catered to all the airport facilities, tenants, airlines, off-airport or transit plan, process to involve public, retail enhancement plan, environmental plan and financial plan for all the facilities at the airport. The new plan has expanded the Terminal 2 West and provided space for 10 jets, constructed new apron, taxilane, second level curb, parking structure, vehicle circulation, new access road, hangars and apron based on 12.4 acres of land. It will reconstruct the taxiway C, demolish the standing facilities at the airport and relocate the SAN Park Pacific Highway (‘Master Plan’, 2012).
‘Master Plan’, (2012). San Diego International Airport Master Plan. Retrieved June 7, 2012 from Read More
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