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Do Not Resuscitate requests/issues (DNR) - Research Paper Example

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Do Not Resuscitate request (DNR) are normally issued in instances whereby the medical staff need to withhold the administration of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). In addition, the medical staff may also need to withhold the administration 0f advanced cardiac life support…
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Do Not Resuscitate requests/issues (DNR)
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Download file to see previous pages The contents of the DNR order may contain clauses that allow the medical staff to administer CPR in situations whereby the patient is experiencing chocking or in cases whereby patients are going through trauma that may come as a result of a serious motor vehicle accident (Blankenship, 2008).
The application of DNR varies. Different states have different regulations. There are some states whereby the DNR order only applies to the patients under health care facilities such as a hospital or a skilled nursing facility. It should be noted that the DNR must be signed by both the patient and the health care provider or the physician. Some states nave put regulations requiring that the DNR have the sign of other witnesses. Further, some states have regulations allowing the use of properly signed DNR to apply in the pre-hospital care in case there is emergency. In most cases, patients are required to put on a bracelet or a necklace with the information concerning his or her wishes on the DNR so that the emergency responders may act appropriately. Some states normally have a database of patients that have DNR orders so that they can make informed choices while dealing in emergency cases (Blankenship, 2008).
Health care providers are also required to be ware of patients that have DNR orders. Some states have put regulations requiring the DNR order to be signed by the health care provider. In cases whereby the care provider does not have the moral principles to carry out the order, the care of the patient is normally transferred to other carte providers who may follow the rules of the order. There are instances whereby some states have suspended the DNR order during surgery, only for it to be reinstated later. The argument is that the consent to perform surgery is superior than the DNR order. The surgery is seen as a life saving exercise that cannot be avoided ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Do Not Resuscitate requests/Issues (DNR) Research Paper.
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