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The long and winding road of EMR Implementation - Book Report/Review Example

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It is primarily employed at an institution that provides healthcare facilities i.e. at a hospital or at a physician’s clinic. Its primary purpose is to improve the communication among different departments of a hospital to increase…
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The long and winding road of EMR Implementation
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Download file to see previous pages Of course this approach takes technical expertise of people associated with IT and additional expenses, but on the bright side it decreases all the other costs i.e. cost of paper based information system. Thus, decreases the errors and mishaps by a considerable margin and saves a lot of time that can be utilized in other areas of the hospital to increase productivity.
EMR is most beneficial when it comes to time saving. In times of recession, where many hospitals are closing down or going bankrupt, EMR comes as life saver in maintaining and obtaining patient records. It is particularly helpful in times of quarantine and medical panics where manually trying to get patient’s information could be a tedious task, that might take a lot of time, but with EMR this problem has been solved comprehensively. All the doctors, surgeons, technicians or attending physician has to enter the general information of the patient i.e. Name, Birthday, Day of admittance in the hospital and the patient’s complete record will pop-up on the computer screen. The following chart is taken from MSDC, (Medical Systems Development Corporation), to illustrate the benefit of using EMR instead of manual medical record keeping, (Benefits of EMR, 2008)
EMR is useful because the information can be transferred from one place to another easily and swiftly. Due to which it is a far better choice than the old-style paper information management. (Wheeler, Wong, & Shanle, 2009)
It is also less expensive because of the low amount of IT staff required to handle EMR operations which in turn results in decrease in the amount and energy spend on the manual tabulation of the information of patient. Although the initial investment on the equipment procurement and training of staff is required, but all this money can be recovered in a small time provided that the EMR operations run smoothly and effectively (Varshney, 2009).SHC initially ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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