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Sales and Operational Planning in Supply Chain Management - Research Paper Example

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A lot of scholars have often questioned whether it is wise to draw the line when building sales and operational planning that might end up conflicting with current internal or external interests. This is because as a company begins to make offerings that stretch up and down a…
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Sales and Operational Planning in Supply Chain Management
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Extract of sample "Sales and Operational Planning in Supply Chain Management"

Download file to see previous pages This is a scenario that may be inevitable for Stone Horse Supply Company. There is even the possibility of legal challenges as to which business ventured into a particular market first in order to provide a service. If the company expanded or grew its portfolio it could be taken as an entry into a field or market where they are not supposed to be in. Despite this, it is highly recommended that the company’s sales and operational planning transcends its boundaries. The only thing it has to do is to balance the fact that it is a commercial enterprise with the usual commercial pressures, and its current relationships are very crucial (Jacobs, 2011). As a result of this, there is a need to be continuously aware of points and blends of likely conflict. In short, Stone Horse Supply Company only has to know when and how it should expand and offer its services, products and skills.
Sales and operational planning is composed of and stretch across many boundaries (Weele, 2010). In order to effectively manage it, managers, policy makers of Stone Horse Supply Company need to understand their different reaches and the organizational implications underlying these reaches or boundaries. The company needs to carry out a clear definition of its boundaries as an initial step in managing its sales and operational planning and identifying its spheres of concern, influence, control and constraints. A lot of boundaries exist and can be determined. Each and every boundary can be presented through many layers of analysis.
Sales and operational planning that transcends the company’s boundaries is known to be very responsive to the demands of customers and also has the capacity and capability to quickly match and keep up with demand through mass customization or postponement (Crandall, 2010). As a result of this, it is very agile (especially at the downstream end) in terms of responding to customer demands. By building and managing a sales and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sales and Operational Planning in Supply Chain Management Research Paper.
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