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Cultural Event Report - Essay Example

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There are various programs, events as well as places that play the role of promoting culture. For the better understanding of culture, it is important to present it in ways that…
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Cultural Event Report
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A Music Performance Affiliation with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict ofinterest and how to contact
A Music Performance
It is very important for an individual to acknowledge his or her culture, heritage and traditions. There are various programs, events as well as places that play the role of promoting culture. For the better understanding of culture, it is important to present it in ways that people can understand and also find interesting, rather than their only source of knowledge being through reading books. This is where theaters, museums, exhibitions, dance as well as music performances come into play. They are not mere sources of entertainment but also elements that facilitate practicality of various cultures.
Being given an assignment to write a report on any type of cultural event, I have chosen to go with a musical performance. The Madison Square Garden Concert given by the famous Latin singer, Marc Anthony on February 14th, 2009, was one of his best performances ever. This might have been the best Valentine’s Day for couples as on that special day they could watch such a great romantic, perform live on stage, so many passionate love songs. The arena was packed with more than 20,000 people and it was obvious that the tickets were all sold out. I was overwhelmed after seeing so many people all in one place, but it was no surprise knowing of such a strong fan base Marc Anthony has.
Although Marc Anthony was late to his performance, Louie Vega kept us occupied with his comedy and we waited for the singing maestro. Once he came on stage, it felt like the whole stage just got electrified. Though there were some rude comments earlier about him being late, all that was forgotten as soon as people had the first glimpse of him. The concert was a mix of his Latin as well as English hits. This compilation made it all the more interesting and songs that were hits long back were brought back to life through his amazing voice. The atmosphere was very lively and energetic and so were his performances. One would expect artists to be better singing in studios, but Marc Anthony was exceptional and sounded much better in the live performance. He was not out of breath at any point of time and had great control over his singing. It was clearly understood that lip-synching was not meant for a powerful singer like him.
The crowd had more females, but even then the number of males was not that less. The audience consisted of people of all age groups. This shows that he appeals to everyone, irrespective of gender or age. In all the darkness among the audience, flashes never stopped, people had all sorts of gadgets recording the brightest star of the night. There was constant waving and cheering and most people sang along with him until they could sing no more. So many concert lighters waving in the same rhythm and direction made the scene utterly spectacular. The spotlight added to his charming glow and the beautiful stage setting was perfect. The background singers as well as the band was also highly talented, they made Marc’s voice stand out in all the right places.
My favorite songs among his performances were ‘You Sang To Me’ and ‘My Baby You.’ While the former is a sweet love song describing how a man is in love but has just realized it and how his lover’s talks are melodious songs to him, the latter is also a beautiful song, which was “dedicated to his daughter, Arianna” (Anthony, 2000). It describes the feelings of love a father has to his daughter, the lyrics are simply heart touching. These both songs have always remained my favorite and watching him sing it live, it was just like heaven. I was totally mesmerized by his singing and so were all the others. I cannot wait to go to another one of his concerts. The Valentine’s Day message of love really reached out to everyone, especially during the time when Jennifer Lopez came on stage with their twin children. The little family reunion was so sweet and full of love. I was overjoyed for having attended the concert. It was one of my best experiences. His voice still resonates deep in my heart and thinking about that day still brings me a lot of happiness.
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Anthony, M. (2000). My Baby You. Retrieved from Read More
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Cultural Event Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 7.
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