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Two Old Women book review - Essay Example

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Velma Wallis wrote the book based on the plight experienced at a time when a paramount decision had to be made concerning the well-being of the community. The book reflects the ability of the society to present challenges to selected persons within the community based on gender…
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Two Old Women book review
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Two Old Women Introduction Velma Wallis wrote the book based on the plight experienced at a time when a paramount decisionhad to be made concerning the well-being of the community. The book reflects the ability of the society to present challenges to selected persons within the community based on gender disparities and performance. The book does not fail to mention the selected role as viewed by the author towards the progress within the society. The book based on the Athabascan Indian tale that had been narrated within the tribe dwells on the events that had occurred after a natural calamity. Wallis had written the book sensitive based on the aspect of womanhood and nature that had been presented to retain survival within the members. The book is vital to predict the events that lead to the seclusion of selected societal members in an attempt to adjust to the harsh environmental challenges faced within unstable societies.
Wallis’ short book had been written to predict the events that had occurred following the decision by a tribe to abandon two elderly women, following a natural calamity that threatened the development of their society. The events had been followed by the decision of the tribe to witness their reduced participation towards healthy development in the tribe. Wallis explains that these women had been linked to complaining instead of providing positive ideology to assist in eliminating the challenges. The book explains the ability of a stable societal system to make the decision to protect sensitive members within the system and encourage hard work through harsh subjections. The elderly women had been alienated despite their condition due to the burden that they would present to the new society.
The decision had been made due to the harsh famine that had plagued the land. Despite the decision to abandon the women due to their condition, the result is unexpected because they apply determination and friendship to overcome the challenges. The community had made the decision to abandon the women because they had been considered a setback to the development within the new land that the tribe sought to create. The decision had been made because they had been considered weak and would not last the extreme famine witnessed. However, the twist in the story is realized when the women manage to overcome these challenges and plough through the burden that had been subjected upon them. Ch ‘idzigyaak and Sa’ managed to articulate solutions to present survival measures.
Through the help of the daughter and her grandson, Ch ‘idzigyaak had been accorded the help needed to find a solution to overcome the famine. The decision made by women to articulate survival measures led to their determination to struggle against eh harsh subjections presented to them. The other provision that had helped them survive had been realized in their experience, as they were aware of their terrain. The people who had abandoned them face a different fortune as they struggle to find stability. The book speaks of the taboo that they would face after their demeaning actions to abandon the determined elderly.
Velma Wallis book presents the consequence in undermining the elderly due to their age and energy. There is the prediction to uphold societal values and respect the elderly despite the situation faced. The two elderly women proved that they had been capable of utilizing their wisdom and experience to overcome harsh challenges within the natural setting. The book teaches on respect, trust and love to all societal members within the community, despite the condition faced. Read More
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(Two Old Women Book Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Two Old Women Book Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Two Old Women Book Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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