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It is an Austin-based company that deals with food staffs. Its profits have tremendously risen due to people drifting to health eating. Its business strategies are impressive. Its…
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Comments on Accounting/Financial news article
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Task Comments on Accounting/Financial news article Whole Foods Market Inc The company has been involved in a series of good report regarding their financial progress. It is an Austin-based company that deals with food staffs. Its profits have tremendously risen due to people drifting to health eating. Its business strategies are impressive. Its turnover for the first quarter of this financial year (2012) was $118.3 million, or 65 cents for each share.
The stock of the company increased to approximately 3% closing at $77.93. The analysts expect a earning of 60 cents on each share on $3.38 billion sales. That still advances Whole Foods’ high of not less than $79 per share, laid down in late 2005. Its officials claim to have an arrangement of about 24 to 27 new stories in this year in addition to 28 to 32 in the year 2013. That will incorporate two other stores in Austin area within this summer. This is a really excellent plan that if put to practical can result to even higher dividends.
The officials also say that they can prospect greater achievement in minor market stores. The company’s co-CEO John Mackey said about there opportunities in Oklahoma City. He says about the great publicity the company has. The company furthermore plans to expand its down town offices. This is not a bad idea since the company is growing exponentially.
Mackey says that the company is in a plan of increasing the number of stores for the anticipated expectations. In addition he says that with the great success with smaller-market locations, the goal of achieving 1,000-store is more achievable. With their inspiration and aspiration, for real they will go not just far but so far. The increment of stores as it is in their plan is good for profit. Read More
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