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Corruption in corporate America - Essay Example

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He asked if he could borrow a certain amount of money because his department head badly needs cash immediately. I totally trust this friend so I gave him what he requested. He said that his head will pay…
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Corruption in corporate America
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Extract of sample "Corruption in corporate America"

Bribery in the Academe I have a friend who has been working in the academe for quite some time. He asked if he could borrow a certain amount of money because his department head badly needs cash immediately. I totally trust this friend so I gave him what he requested. He said that his head will pay him within the week. However, after 2 weeks, my friend said that his department head says he still does not have enough money and promised to help my friend get a higher ranking instead. My friend was then fervently asked not to mention this concern to anybody connected to the university.
This kind of immoral behavior put my friend in a moral dilemma. He wanted to keep his job and was aiming for a promotion. Nonetheless, he felt uncomfortable with the price which is having an unfair advantage as compared to his colleagues. He did not really relish the idea that he got a higher ranking because of the unpaid money that he lent his superior. Whether my friend would or would not give in to his department head’s request, this experience may mar the rest of his career. In a macro level, favors in exchange for advancement in the workplace create a vicious cycle of unethical professional conduct. “If a company engages or tolerates corrupt practice, it will soon be widely known, both internally and externally” (United Nations, 2011). If left unchecked, a number of individuals in position may be in power without the required characteristics. Overall, this leads to ineffective organizations.
In this particular issue, borrowing money among employees of unequal ranks should be greatly discouraged. Policies should be implemented to promote respect, loyalty, and honesty in businesses, companies, and other institutions. These values should be upheld specially in revered organizations such as the academe. As individuals who hone the hope of the future generations, ethical principles must be significantly observed.
Reference List
United Nations. (2011). Transparency and anti-corruption. UN Global Compact. Retrieved from
Politics and Corruption
“Ousted Egyptian President’s Sons Face Corruption Charges”, this is currently one of the headlines in international news (Hendawi, 2012). According to the report, along with Hosni Mubarak, his sons are facing accusations on corruption and killing protesters. Apparently, they were not transparent as to their financial statements. Specifically, they did not declare their 80 % share in Al Watany Bank of Egypt to surreptitiously utilize it in their personal financial motives. In addition to this, it was recounted that there are also other kinds of corruption that the Mubaraks have been busy with.
Clearly, this kind of social concern causes anxiety for Egyptians. There have been uprisings caused by discontent among the citizens. This political unrest extends to each household in Egypt. Hence, negative reputation, financial decline, and communal distrust are only few of the disheartening consequences. One of the global negative effects is economic. Due to its’ present reputation, investors may find it inauspicious to focus their interests in Egypt. As a result, businesses locally and internationally would be affected. Moreover, an overall sense of pessimism regarding governance is stimulated. This certain issue can make people internalize that indeed, corruption is intensely innate in politics.
To effectively address this issue, every individual must be actively involved. Awareness and proactive measures must be taken. The youth and every sector must be educated on their respective responsibilities in choosing leaders, reporting corruption, and fostering transparency concerning public funds. The judiciary system has to be very keen in policing immoral acts especially concerning the nation’s frontrunners. Ultimately, the United Nations should legislate and endorse the convention in opposition to corruption. If these steps would be aggressively implemented, each country would be rewarded with trusting citizens and stable governance.
Reference List
Hendawi, H. (2012). Ousted Egyptian president’s sons face corruption charges. The Times of Israel. Retrieved from Read More
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