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Black History Disputed Elections in American History - Essay Example

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America, for instance, has had its share of disputed and controversial elections, beginning from the fourth election in 1800. Since then, the country has had several…
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Black History Disputed Elections in American History
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Extract of sample "Black History Disputed Elections in American History"

Download file to see previous pages Nonetheless, some stand out as the ultimate mark of controversy and even legal dispute. With emphasis on electoral discrimination against the African Americans, this paper focuses on the disputed and controversial 1960 and 2004 elections. Despite the serious accusations concerning the 1960 elections, unanimity on the event among historians and experts does not exist. Indeed, most experts and historians tend to support both sides of the claim, but a closer analysis of the data and facts tend to disagree with the viewpoint. Despite the failure of the Republican Party to prove fraud in the elections does not necessarily mean that the election was clean. Despite all the efforts, the issue remains unsolved. Interestingly, the legend leaves out that multiple election boards did not consider overturning the election results, nor federal judges and a special prosecutor from Illinois. Furthermore, numerous academic inquiries concerning the Illinois case conclude that the evident fraud was not substantial enough to challenge the election results (Campbell 87).
However, some level of fraud occurred in Cook County. Three people were incarcerated on election-related offences and more than 670 indicted and then acquitted by Judge Karns. Most of the allegations presented involved practices undetectable by a mere recount. According to an article on the issue, nobody clearly knew the winner of the election, and despite the claim by Kennedy that he had won the election, his father cautioned on the vote count in Cook County. Apparently, the close win by Kennedy over Nixon has been a long, contentious debate, with accusations of the former receiving assistance from his father’s mob connections, the powerful Chicago Mayor Daley, and Lyndon Johnson’s connections. In essence, there is no clear evidence that Nixon won both Illinois and Texas, which he had to in order to win the Electoral College Vote, but there was massive voter fraud on behalf of Kennedy in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Black History Disputed Elections in American History Essay.
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