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Do curfews keep teens out of trouble - Essay Example

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This paper aims to explain the history of curfews stemming from its original European implementation and subsequent adoption of various states in the United States. This paper will also aim to shed light on how curfews have successfully or unsuccessfully managed to keep children…
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Do curfews keep teens out of trouble
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Extract of sample "Do curfews keep teens out of trouble"

Download file to see previous pages ect various age groups in our society, we fear the most for the young people in our society who, due to reckless abandon caused by their youthful enthusiasm for life, tend to place themselves in precarious situations. These dangerous situations are usually connected to their love of the fun time offered by a night life. As parents who fear for the safety of their children, a curfew placed upon their childs night time activities offers a semblance of protection for both parties. The idea being that if a child is home by a certain hour of the night, he or she will be able to avoid the pitfalls that often befall the adventurous teens at night.
An analysis of the history and reasons behind the implementation of parental and citywide curfews reveal the details as to why these sectors find curfews an effective deterrent when it comes to keeping their children out of trouble: the night holds some unseen circumstances that children and teenagers may not be capable of dealing with at their current age. Therefore there needs to be some sort of system in place that can help protect them from the things that go bump in the night on public streets. Since teenagers these days can be really hot headed and emotional, it is important to make sure that they are in a safe place once night time sets in because as the night deepens, tempers may end up flaring in certain situations.
It is saddening to note that curfews were not needed during the past eras in the United States. The night streets were safe places for them to hang out with their friends after dinner or on a Friday night so they can relax after a hectic school week. Teenagers were not always held in the grips of curfew mania as they are today. Newspaper articles from decades gone by have shown that there was a time in our country when it was safe for teenagers to go out and party at night. Schools did not need to have metal detectors at the gates, school dances were the highlight of the school year, and teenagers would go ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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