How to Parent Teens with Love and Compassion - Literature review Example

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Some teens want to explore the world not wanted to be prevented and cautioned of the dangers outside. Some teens are hard to discipline, stubborn, argumentative, and swayed by peer pressure. This essay tries to prove that parents are the best people to save their teens from peer pressure…
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How to Parent Teens with Love and Compassion
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Communication is an essential factor that binds family with love, care, respect, and support. The parent-teen relationship could be harmonious if there is communication. Some teens spend lesser time to talk with their parents because they are busy going out with peers. Consequently, their relationship may deteriorate and turn disconnected. In this scenario, communication is needed to avoid the relationship from being torn. Thus, communication is like a bridge that connects two separate ways into one. Communication is a tool for showing love and interest, resolving conflicts and issues and a means of building a close relationship. As supported by Norbeck and Fitzpatrick (125), they claimed that in a parent and adolescent relationship, communication is a common place where they meet and understand. Meanwhile, teens of today are more exposed to negative influences as factors like technology and peer pressure which destructing powers are increasing as time ages. Therefore, teens must be parented properly and should be treated and comforted like a pillow. How to parent your teens with love and compassion Indeed, children are the most precious ones parents can ever have. When they grow up as teens, sometimes they tend to explore the world on their own--they love adventure, games, and hanging out. Parents must understand that their teens are growing and developing into an adult state. Some teens tend to disobey their parents because of many reasons like sometimes they want that their desires be granted. Parents especially those who are autocratic want their teens to follow every command and rule they imposed. Probably, what will happen if parents are too strict in the sense that they would not consider teens feelings, desires, and opinions, conflict may arise. Parents must show love and compassion to their teens despite the disobedience. Teens love to be loved and cared for by parents and see them as their protecting shield when it rains. There are many ways on how parents can show love and compassion to their teens according to Taylor (2005): First parents must teach what love and compassion are so that teens would understand its essence. Second, parents can plan activities which establish compassion and increase love between them such as family outing, family prayer, and scripture study, watching movies together, etc. Meanwhile, teens might get mistaken so it is a perfect time for parents to show love and compassion through comforting, teaching them how to make decisions, and encouraging them to rise after having stumbled down. How to parent the stubborn and argumentative teenage during their peer pressure At their age, teens are like a ball that keeps on rolling. Peer pressure greatly influences teens’ behavior in the sense that they might apply what they have learned from peers. Some teens are stubborn and very augmentative. Parents of this kind are having a hard time negotiating with them. According to Thompson (2006), some teens often love to argue and persist in their ideas. They want to be always right and do the things which they want to. Parents want the best for them so what they think is best and right they will do. Consequently, a stubborn teen would disobey and rebel because they feel like being choked. Some teens want independence and are exposed to peer pressure. According to Havelin (2000) sometimes teen may feel like they want their parents away from them--or pushed them away so that they cannot bother them. In this case, parents must pull their teens from being swayed away into danger. When conflict arises, there are many ways on how to negotiate with argumentative and stubborn teens: Parents should keep communication open and listen to their teen’s concern and problem; involve them in a rule-making process such as setting curfew--first, explain to them why it is necessary--for their safety. Let teens formulate solutions on the problem and discuss to them the merits of each. Then, let them decide (“Parenting 101, n.d.).  Read More
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