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One source selected was from the official website of were the article was entitled “Automobiles” ( and the other source was written by William W. Bottorff entitled “What Was The First Car? A Quick…
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The history of car made
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History of How Cars are Made The selections of two secondary sources to address the topic “history of how cars are made” are hereby detailed through responding to the following questions, to wit:
1) What are the two sources you have selected? One source selected was from the official website of were the article was entitled “Automobiles” ( and the other source was written by William W. Bottorff entitled “What Was The First Car? A Quick History of the Automobile for Young People” from Bill Bottorff’s official website (Bottorff).
2) How do they help focus your topic? These sources have clearly established historical facts on what the first cars were, who made them, and how they were made. They effectively detailed names, dates and places where the first cars were assembled.
3) How did you find these sources? These sources are found through the Google search engine by typing the words ‘history of how cars are made’. By doing so, a total of 979,000,000 entries were generated within 0.13 seconds.
4) What kinds of things do you think you might learn from these sources? One would get diverse information on the origins of cars manufactured globally; including the people who were noted to have designed and invented these automobiles, how they were powered, where they were made and on what specific dates.
5) What types of primary sources did these authors use in their research? These authors and sites referred to people who actually were reported to have invented specified cars and by clicking their names, other websites that provide information on these primary sources were likewise revealed.
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Bottorff, William W. "What Was The First Car? A Quick History of the Automobile for Young People." n.d. 21 May 2012 . "Automobiles." 2012. 21 May 2012 . Read More
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(The History of Car Made Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
The History of Car Made Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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