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Alcohol abuse ( medical/cultural/sport) - Essay Example

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This paper seeks to discuss alcoholism among the youth. The paper will explore some of the causes of alcohol abuse among the group and possible…
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Alcohol abuse ( medical/cultural/sport)
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Extract of sample "Alcohol abuse ( medical/cultural/sport)"

Alcohol abuse Introduction Increasing cases of alcohol abuse among young people have raised public concerns into criticism from both the government and the media. This paper seeks to discuss alcoholism among the youth. The paper will explore some of the causes of alcohol abuse among the group and possible control measures.
Factors that contribute to alcohol abuse among the young people
Alcohol abuse is a significantly identified social problem with diverse adverse effects. Effects of alcohol abuse among the youths that identify with “social and occupational problems” besides inducing negative behaviours explain the developing concerns and criticism. As Cassel and Bernstein (2007, p. 157) explain, alcohol abuse among the youth is caused by a variety of factors that include “psychological and sociological factors” as well as “biological factors” (Cassel and Bernstein, 2007, p. 157). A general perception of effects of alcohol in the body is one of the major factors that influences the youth to start and continue drinking. Psychologically, alcohol is perceived to change a person’s status by inducing a relaxed mind. The youths are therefore influenced by the need to solve their ‘often-unstable’ emotions by using alcohol to control elements such as uncertainties in expectation and bad moods. Social environments that expose the youths to alcohol and its effects are also factors that contribute to alcoholism among young people. Social ‘set-ups’ in which either parents or other relatives drink, for example creates awareness of alcohol consumptions and its effects on people. Witnessed experiences from peers as well as media commercials and programs that contain alcohol related scenes also inform youths of alcoholism. As a result, environment encourages the group to engage in alcoholism through keeping the youths informed of the substance, its consumption, and its effects in the body (Cassel and Bernstein, 2007, p. 157).
Social factors such as alcoholism among parents as well as parents’ reaction to alcoholism also contribute to the substance’s abuse among the youth. Drinking parents for example sets examples to their children that alcohol consumption is acceptable. As a result, children grow up and may engage in alcohol abuse as an acceptable norm. Similarly, parents’ strict opposition to alcohol consumption may drive their children into drinking as an expression of their rebellion to the parents. Arguments have also been made that biological factors such as genetics also contribute to alcohol abuse among the youths (Cassel and Bernstein, 2007, p. 157, 158).
Solution to alcohol abuse by young people
Numerous possibilities that range from personal to social initiatives exist for combating alcohol abuse among young people. Conducting awareness campaigns and organizing counselling session to the youth is one of the ways of combating alcohol abuse through providing information of possible dangers of alcohol consumption and possible ways of avoiding the substance’s abuse. Another possible approach to combating alcohol abuse is personal initiatives to avoid peer influence into engagement. Similarly, being open to discuss alcohol related problems with another person or a professional may enlighten an individual away from alcohol abuse. Establishment of more strict laws against alcohol consumptions is another way of combating alcohol abuse among young people (Kumar & Lazarus, 2010, p. 230).
Alcohol abuse among youths has diverse causes that include biological, social, and psychological factors. A number of possible combative approaches, against alcohol abuse among young people, exist and include initiatives from individual victims, the society, and the law enforcement agencies.
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New Delhi. Read More
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Alcohol Abuse ( medical/cultural/Sport) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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