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Child Abuse in America - Research Paper Example

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Agencies taking care of child all over the world continue to complain of rise in cases of child abuse. Child abuse, therefore, is not just a problem of one country. However, in America…
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Child Abuse in America
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Extract of sample "Child Abuse in America"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the children go through various forms of domestic abuse but are unable to complain due to lack of awareness and overdependence. In other parts of the world especially in Africa, child abuse is associated with human trafficking and child labor. Effects of child abuse and neglect are many. They range from short term to long-term consequences. Children going through abuse are more likely to be antisocial and depict behavior related to those who abuse them. Child abuse can take many facets including emotional, physical, sexual, and neglect. Effects of child abuse affects children later in life. This paper seeks to discuss child abuse in America.
In America in 1997, over three million children were reported to child agencies for undergoing abuse or neglect (National Child Abuse Statistics Web). This number continues to rise. Fifteen out of a 1000 children are abused yearly in America (National Child Abuse Statistics Web). At the same time in 1996, over a thousand children died due to neglect and abuse (National Child Abuse Statistics Web). According to child protective service in America, neglect is the most likely form of child abuse. This is followed by physical abuse, while sexual abuse takes third place. Other forms of abuse appear to be minimal in America (National Child Abuse Statistics Web). Parents contribute significant number of those whom abuse children regularly. They comprise of over 80% of the total population. Only about ten percent of those not related to children perpetuate abuse or neglect (Kufeldt and McKenzie 20-25).
Females are also listed as major contributors to maltreated children. They constituted over 60% of the total population while male were merely 50% (National Child Abuse Statistics Web). This is in agreement with the fact that female majority are the primary caregivers. Male are listed as most likely to abuse children physically most to gain sexual favors. Sexual abuse is particularly high in girls than in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Child Abuse in America Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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