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Planetary Defense For Cosmic Collisions - Research Paper Example

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The research focuses on the reality of cosmic collisions. The research focuses on the importance of setting up a planetary defense for cosmic collisions. The earth’s governments must prioritize the earth’s planetary defense…
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Planetary Defense For Cosmic Collisions
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Extract of sample "Planetary Defense For Cosmic Collisions"

Download file to see previous pages A science fiction plot? Not according to many authors who have presented a similar scenario as historical fact over the years.” In addition, Ellen Tan (1996) proposed a collision or near-collision between the Earth and an asteroid, comet, or planet during the prehistoric time period is one of the reasons given for the untimely disappearance of the fabled Atlantis. The story stating that the collision from an asteroid, comet, or heavenly body is one of the reasons given for the deluge story, in the Genesis section of the Holy Bible. The same collision theory is also given for the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt.
Further, David Levy (1994;181) proposes “Imagine a peaceful, steamy night with mighty Triceratops drinking water from a pond, watching for their enemy Tyrannosaurus Rex. Brighter than the brightest stars, a comet dominates the night. For several weeks now, the comet has
brightened as it approached the sun, its long tail making it look like a sword in the sky. By the next afternoon, it is all over. With large thunderclaps and a huge crash, the comet slams into the Earth in what is now the Caribbean basin, just off the coast of the present-day Yucatán.” The meteorite glowed brightly as it invades the Earth’s delicate atmosphere and evaporated. The comet is very huge that it literally plows through bringing the impression that the air is absent to slow down the incoming heavenly objects. As the heavenly object touches the water surface, high walls of water skyrocket from the point of falling object’s zooming impact into the air. Consequently, millions of tons of dust blast skyward in a gigantic cloud.
Furthermore, the same author states that materials excavated from the collision site bounce back into the atmosphere in smaller splintered pieces. The smaller pieces are distributed over the entire Earth’s surface. Around the world, the splintered pieces dot the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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