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Should gay coupels be allowed to adopt children - Term Paper Example

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In fact, the status of gay cohabitation as a marriage is questionable given the concept of marriage fundamentally emerges from religion, and almost every religion except one or two has strictly condemned the act of…
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Should gay coupels be allowed to adopt children
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Extract of sample "Should gay coupels be allowed to adopt children"

Download file to see previous pages Proponents of child adoption by gay couples say that children adopted by gay couples display development similar to other children. This is not true. Children lack the presence, love, affection, and presence of the parent of the non-existent gender throughout the developmental process. If it is a male gay couple, the child is denied the love of a mother. If it is a female gay couple, the child is denied the affection and guidance of a father. This creates voids and grey areas in the child’s mind about the roles and responsibilities of the non-existent parent, and this subjectivity of concepts affects the child’s relationships with friends in the childhood, and with spouse and children in the adulthood.
Proponents of child adoption by gay couples say that children adopted by gay couples can live a normal social life. This is very untrue. Gay couples promote gay culture. Gay culture is essentially a subculture adopted by a particular community within the society, whereas the larger part of the society comprises heterosexual couples, many of which condemn homosexuality to the extent of abhorrence. In such a conservative society, being part of a gay family may be extremely traumatic and inconvenient for the children. The children given to gay couples are at huge risk of violence, mockery, and bullying. Children raised in such families are made fun of and their views of their parents’ questionable sexual orientation are readily asked. Repeated occurrence of this encounter may yield life-long negative consequences for the children. These children are made to feel different and isolated from the larger population of children which live in the nuclear family systems.
Proponents of child adoption by gay couples say that gay couples can take care of the adopted children like their own children. The fact is that the children are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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