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The Exploration and drilling process - Research Paper Example

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In this research it is discovered that technological advancement which have been taking place have impacted positively on all aspects of oil exploration and…
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The Exploration and drilling process
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Extract of sample "The Exploration and drilling process"

Download file to see previous pages However since technology is known to be dynamic this research paper recommend that other research papers similar to this should be conducted every now and then to encompass the new impacts emerging.
Several authors have discussed the process of oil exploration in various contexts. Ofstad (20)explained thatnew models should be establishedwith new discoveries experiencedin new exploration.Poletto and Miranda (1), showed that oil and gas exploration consists of three main phases that are the geophysical exploration with geological interpretation of processed data, drilling phase and production phase. However, Bjorndal (56) explained that the typical pattern for individual fields, regions and provinces is that exploration activities uncover more oil reserves than predicted by the geophysical approach. Hyne (233) discussed the drilling preliminaries, the mechanics for drilling an oil well, the drilling problems and the drilling techniques.
However, none of the scholars relates the current technological advancement with the improvements in the process of oil exploration and drilling. This is the reason why I have decided to undertake this research so that I can indicate the various progresses that have been achieved in the process of oil exploration and drilling because of improvement in the levels of technology. One of my specific objectives is to explore how technology has improved the collection, analysis and interpretation of seismic data in determining the presence of oil deposits. My other specific objective is to determine how technology has influenced the process of oil drilling and various preparations involved as well as the choice for the equipment to use during the process.
The process of oil exploration involves three phases. The first phase is geophysical explorations with geological interpretation of geological data. This phase identifies a geological region in which to drill oil wells and after a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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