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Take for instance, the building of castles by people of the old times. The castles were fortified and hard to penetrate from the outside which offered a sense of…
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Response Writing
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Download file to see previous pages The way the castles worked for or against its occupants in different times, is exactly the same way how different strategies we adopt come into play.
Taking proactive measures is always preferred to retaliatory measures although the former has a great weakness. This weakness lies on preparing strategies based on intelligence or information that is not complete. As such, the measures put in place are always bound to have a flaw although they will be effective to a certain point. At least it is better than doing nothing but they is always that part which is not very known and the solutions therefore are just guessed. Take for instance in the World War Z, the war dragged on for a long time because men initially knew nothing about the zombie virus. However, much after the war has ended, it is recounted that had they known about the virus, it would have been easy to fight ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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