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Geologic Hazards Project - Research Paper Example

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We as Homo sapiens don’t know that when these reversals will be completed, it is expected to continue in the future as well. Many scientists today have begun to worry that this magnetic pole is the…
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Geologic Hazards Project
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Extract of sample "Geologic Hazards Project"

Download file to see previous pages The gradual shifting of the pole is believed to have been the reason for destruction of entire human civilizations. As this reversal takes place, the earthquakes augment and earthquake storms take place in the world. Furthermore, three new volcanoes are born at many places in the Pacific Ocean. NASA has recently found out that there is a break in the magnetic field of the Earth. These changes keep on building and concurrent. (Syzygyastro)
The constant changes that go inside the surface of the Earth cause this reversal. The core of the Earth moves around a little faster than the crust of the Earth which is slowed by tidal dragging of the moon. The disparity in the rotation between the two layers produces the magnetic field. When the core rotates, the lines of magnetic field act as what takes place on the Sun’s surface as equator and sun have different rotations from the pole. The disparity of rotation of both of these surfaces creates a stretch in the lines of magnetic field so they wrap round and round the Earth or the sun. What happens is that magnetic field lines the field and recreates itself. The discrepancy of the rotation of Sun happens at a faster rate than the Earth so the magnetic cycle on average takes around 22 years in the Sun. The Earth takes a very long time for its periodic cycle due to the interaction of the sun, planets, and the moon and slower winding. These reversals of the field can take millions of years to take place. At present, Earth’s field lines are constantly breaking down, making a complicated pattern of hundreds of magnetic zones similar to the ones on the Sun. This violation in the earth/s magnetic allows the solar winds to go to the atmosphere of Earth. The consequence of these modifications will be auroras all across the Earth even at the equator. The second alteration is the diffusion to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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