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Argumentative on Censorship - Research Paper Example

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Censorship is the omission or suppression of material/ information deemed harmful, objectionable and inappropriate from the general public. The restricting party can be a government, a…
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Argumentative Research Paper on Censorship
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Extract of sample "Argumentative on Censorship"

Download file to see previous pages nts for and those against censorship citing various examples of countries where censorship has been applied and the resulting consequences of those censures. Censorship will be defined and its various forms identified and defined. Positive attributes will be examined on the backdrop of human welfare and society as well as the negative attributes. Upon evaluation, a conclusion will be reached as to the significance and overall effect of censorship.
Censorship is the omission or suppression of material/ information deemed harmful, objectionable and inappropriate from the general public. The restricting party can be a government, a government institution or media outlet. These organizations judge whether material released or to be released is offensive directly or indirectly to any section of the public such as children, women, a specific ethnic community and workers. However, reasons for censorship can vary dependent on the censoring body and the target population. Censorship can be of several forms. They include moral censorship, military censorship, political censorship and political censorship. OReilly and Parker (2003) note that, “In moral censorship, material of obscene nature and questionable morally is removed, while in military censorship tactical and military intelligence and secrets are kept from the public to prevent the information from being available to the enemy and used against or to the detriment of the nation” (p.2). Political censorship involves the withholding of information by governments and political leaders from their subjects/ citizens as a means primarily of exerting control and dominion over the population. In religious censorship, material deemed objectionable by a sect or its leaders is removed. Information may be from another sect or religion. Corporate censorship conducted and executed mostly by media executives who remove or prevent the publishing/ distribution of information that portrays their businesses or business partners in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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