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Health and Communities week 16150 - Assignment Example

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The HIV pandemic has been pondered a global matter in health since its emergence, and quick spread to all nations across the globe. The…
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Health and Communities week 16150
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Download file to see previous pages HIV patients require exceptional health needs, which have negative influences to the global economies due to the necessity to manufacture drugs that improve lives of the ailing individuals (Shi & Stevens, 2010).
Science, policy, and practice ought to be integrated and utilized in the alleviation of the HIV pandemic. Integration of these factors can direct to development of strategies that can be utilized to bring about positive influences towards the matter. Utilization of science concepts can practically enable development of drugs that can be utilized to thwart further spread of the disease (UNESCO, 2008). Additionally, policy can ensure that individuals with the illness avoid spread to the healthy individuals. Consequently, the overall spread can be substantially minimized through integration of these imperative concepts. Science can enable collection of imperative information concerning that can be practically applied to educator communities regarding the HIV pandemic. However, this can be realized via effectual policies and programs that concentrate on the global matter. Policy architects and implementers can utilize the information in the creation of education systems to disseminate information to all regions across the globe (UNESCO, 2008).
The epidemiological resources can enable healthiness officials and policy makers develop mechanisms to prevent further spread in different regions across the globe. The resources can allow policy makers to establish the predisposing factors thus enable them to tackle the matter ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health and Communities Week 16150 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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