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Schooling the World - Term Paper Example

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It has also come to be considered as vital in enhancing development among various societies. This has majorly been applauded by the fact that many volunteers have continued to build schools…
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Schooling the World
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Extract of sample "Schooling the World"

Download file to see previous pages InSchooling the World: The White Man’s Last Burden, the main conflict as depicted in the film is that of traditional education versus contemporary education. Based on the film, it is evident that modern education has had a huge impact on most traditional societies such as Ladakh. To begin with, the fact that most schools offering contemporary education are located in major urban areas, has meant that families have to move near cities in order to secure their children admission to such schools. This has subsequently negatively impacted on their societies. Not only has led to separation of family members, but has also led to change of traditional roles. For instance, one woman in Ladakh village narrates how her children have moved to the nearest urban area in search for modern education for their children. This has in turn led to a change in the traditional duties (Black, 2010). Unlike before where it was males’ responsibility to take of their homes and feed the livestock, the widow is forced to do all these chores.
On the same point, traditionalists and opponents of modern schooling also argue that in contrast to the past where education entailed teaching children moral education based on the religious principles of Buddhism, modern education is more focused on teaching children foreign culture and language (Black, 2010). This is regarded as a form of drainage of the traditions and heritage of most societies. As matter of fact, it is deemed as destruction of the viable seeds of tradition, thereby posing the danger of extinction of the traditional cultures. Additionally, the emphasis of modern education on the spirit of competition in school performance has also had a spill-over effect on the lives of most children attending such institutions. Most children are growing to live more self-centered lives, eroding the conventional rules and values of compassion and generosity within the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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