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The environmental and economic effects of local coal mining - Research Paper Example

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The Appalachian Mountain Range is of one the oldest mountain ranges that stretch from central Alabama in the United States to the Canadian province of Newfoundland. The highest peak which lies at an elevation of six thousand, six hundred and eighty four is Mount Mitchell located…
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The environmental and economic effects of local coal mining
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Extract of sample "The environmental and economic effects of local coal mining"

Download file to see previous pages Towards the northern end potatoes, wheat is grown along with cattle that are used to make dairy products. Towards the southern end farmers grow corn, tobacco and because the ground is flatter, poultry which provides eggs. The valleys of the Appalachian Mountains are ideal to grow alfalfa, hay and apples. Most of the forests that cover the ancient mountain range consist of hickories, maples and oaks. In the fall they change color from deep green to orange and crispy brown. The trees are chopped off for their wood and then taken to North Caroline furniture makers.
The peaks are rich in coal, thus coal mining has emerged as a major industry and provides employment to many natives of the Appalachian Mountains. The upper land is also rich in mineral resources such as Iron, stone and crude oil. Of course the vast timber forests are worth their weight in gold as the international demand for timber for various chemical and furniture industry rises.
Tourism is also a booming industry which provides a steady source of income for most people living on the mountain tops. There is a Mount Mitchell National Park which was established in 1915 and named after the scientist Dr. Mitchell who was the first one sent to the mountain to collect the accurate data on its height. He fell to his death while he was climbing one of the mountains in the Appalachian range.
Mining for various minerals have taken the toll on the mountain range and their inhabitants. Mining especially, surface mining where the surface is blasted off and the mineral collected and in strip mining where a side of a mountain is due in and then the mineral is accessed.
When we consider mining for coal we have to consider two things, the heat trapping carbon dioxide it generates and the solution to the environment damage that is incurred when the cheap source of fuel is dug out of the ground in massive quantities. Never has the question been so vital to survival more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Environmental and Economic Effects of Local Coal Mining Research Paper.
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