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Service in the restaurant industry - Research Paper Example

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While the food is a central concern of the restaurant experience, equally as important is the ambiance that the restaurant-goer experiences upon attending the establishment. Ambiance…
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Service in the restaurant industry
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Extract of sample "Service in the restaurant industry"

Download file to see previous pages This essay examines service in the restaurant industry through the consideration of a variety of inputs.
As noted above the restaurant experience begins as soon as an individual walks into the restaurant, as such it is highly important for a restaurant to consider service from these very early stages. For most restaurants this begins with having a successful host or hostess. There are a number of considerations that go into successful service within this portion of the house. As restaurant service is contingent on being prompt effective efficiency behind the scenes must also be considered. Still, in terms of immediate impressions it is necessary for the host or hostess to have a clean-cut appearance and demeanor. Oftentimes restaurants will search for hostesses with a particular-look or attitude as it immediately signals to the customer the culture and attitude they will be treated with throughout their visit. Additionally there are a variety of other means by which the host or hostess can contribute to overriding service. One of the central aspects of the hostess job is greeting the customer directly. By engaging directly with the customer when they walk into the restaurant the host enacts a connection that should be carried through until the customers finish their meal and exit the restaurant. After greeting the customer it is essential they discern their needs and inform them if there is going to be a potential wait; in the case there is no wait the host or hostess must bring the customer promptly to their table.
While such considerations constitute the most outward elements of service, as noted earlier it is also the host’s responsibility to ensure that things behind the scenes are taken care of. Perhaps most central to his or her role in these regards is keeping in contact with each server’s stations. In the restaurant industry each server is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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