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Perform a Detailed Task Analysis - Assignment Example

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Task analysis involves breaking down a bigger task into smaller tasks according to priorities of order of doing things from the biggest task to the smallest or vice versa. The process can be broken down using several techniques such as hierarchical, operation action event trees,…
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Perform a Detailed Task Analysis
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Extract of sample "Perform a Detailed Task Analysis"

Detailed Task Analysis Detailed Task Analysis Task analysis involves breaking down a bigger task into smaller tasks according to priorities of order of doing things from the biggest task to the smallest or vice versa. The process can be broken down using several techniques such as hierarchical, operation action event trees, cognitive task analysis and evaluation of task analysis method (Shepherd, 2001). Considering this point Sam should first of all look into the proposed countries infrastructure which includes beaches, security, libraries among others in order to ensure that the proposed destination meets his vocational needs. For example if he is going for an educational vacation he should consider a place where there is access to books, internet and any other research tools he may require. If he is going for a recreational tour he might consider factors like the weather of the place of destination, the places to be ventured into and the security of the same. He also needs to conduct an economic analysis of the places to be visited in order to select the most convenient economical destination without compromising on the vocational goals (Kirwan, 1992)
After identifying the place to visit based on the vocational goals, Sam should put down all the requirements in a hierarchical manner in order to make his trip a success. The most vital points to emphasize on include money allocation/distribution, gathering important personal effects, arranging for the day and time of departure, consulting with the travel agency and making other personal arrangements such as notifying colleagues and family members about the trip and any other party concerned.
Money distribution
In order to avail for proper distribution of money, Sam must consider the amount of money he is going to spend on the trip and distribute it accordingly based on the travel budget. This will involve considerations on which means of transport to use and the cost on the same, where to stay and the funding for the various activities included in the vocation needs. This includes entertainment costs, agency costs among others (Shepherd, 2001).
Gathering important personal effects
After deciding on how much to spend on each item, Sam should gather all the items listed in his travel schedule. This will include items such as a suitcase, clothing and other items related to his personal wellbeing. He should also gather all items necessary to meet his vocational goals such as books if he is going for an educational vocation.
Arranging for the day and time of departure
In order to be on schedule, Sam must identify the date for the trip and make the necessary arrangements with the parties involved. This will involve acquiring travel documents such as a travel visa or a letter of entry to the place of destination. This will also involve booking for flights or any other convenient mode of transportation to the place of destination (Shepherd, 2001).
Consulting with the travel agency
Before embarking on the trip, Sam should consistently keep in touch with the travel agency by informing them about his place of destination and all the arrangements concerned with the trip. This is vital since the travel agency is the link between him and his place of destination thus ensuring that all his vocational needs are met. This will also help him to adjust his travel budget accordingly (Shepherd, 2001).
The flow chart below show a prototype of a system based on the specification of the user.
Flow of information Show the beginning and end of process
Process box decision box
In conclusion, for Sam’s vocational trip to be successful, it is vital that he adapts a hierarchical mode of task analysis. This will involve breaking down of tasks from the biggest to the smallest. With reference to this task analysis, Sam will need to breakdown the trip into modules such as money allocation, gathering personal effects, arranging for the day and time of departure, consulting with the travel agency and notifying the parties involved.
Kirwan. B. (1992). A Guide to Task. London: Taylor & Francis.
Shepherd, A . (2001). Hierarchical Task Analysis. London: Taylor & Francis, 2001. Read More
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