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As you complete your first semester at ASU and at the W. P. Carey School, take some time to reflect on what youve learned and how far you have come - Essay Example

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There is a different environment from either home or one’s former institution calling for readjustments to the new atmosphere. There are also new lecturers and peers and a person is obliged to learning new things from a…
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As you complete your first semester at ASU and at the W. P. Carey School, take some time to reflect on what youve learned and how far you have come
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Extract of sample "As you complete your first semester at ASU and at the W. P. Carey School, take some time to reflect on what youve learned and how far you have come"

Download file to see previous pages The great diversity had significant impacts on me because my former environment was almost homogeneously populated. I have as a result learned to appreciate people in their diversity and to accommodate their opinions as opposed to my previous orientation. While I initially failed to accommodate people’s diversity in expression leading to conflicts, I have learnt to pay attention to people’s backgrounds, traditions, and to accommodate them. As a result, I have been able to develop and retain trust based friendship that is free from selfish motives. Another significant lesson that I have learnt while in the institutions is the importance of socialization. While I came in as a reserved person who was concerned about personal business only, I have learnt to open up and to be part of a wider society in which people interact with friends to share experiences, opinions, and advice. My initial introversive nature that can partly be associated with my family background as a small family with working parents trained by to be ‘self-reliant’ and restrained. I however with the help of counseling changed and gradually opened up to invite people into my life. This has further helped me to learn a lot about other people, their experiences, and traditions, giving me insights to a developing vision and focus on my goals in life. This is because sharing with other people opens up a person’s intellect to a more open opinion about the environment and life as a whole. Similarly, and most importantly, I have learnt of the power of peer influence, its negative impacts, and the possible way of avoiding or getting out of negative peer pressure (Colostate, n.p; Pickthebrain, p. 1).
Based on my experience in the institution, I plan to be more open to the environment to learn more from members of the society. I also intend to play a role in other people’s lives by positively influencing peoples based on my past ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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