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Assessing Change in Homeland Security Policy and Practices - Case Study Example

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September 11 was a significant security threat not just to the state of Maryland but also to the entire United States in the sense that it was unexpected and very strategic locations were attacked. There is no doubt that on the eleventh September America was under attack and the…
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Assessing Change in Homeland Security Policy and Practices
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Extract of sample "Assessing Change in Homeland Security Policy and Practices"

Download file to see previous pages Maryland responded to the threat of terrorism in the United States during September eleven in broad way that linked its security organs, legislature and administration and there were changes in security administration and emergency management to suit the urgent situation after September 11.
The state of Maryland did not experience a territorial attack on the September eleven 2001. However, the event served as an opportunity to catalyze change in the state security organs creating the need to reassess the security and emergency approach. Therefore, the related departments of the state in conjunction with federal agencies were put to test regarding their ability to respond to emergency more specifically terrorism. Basically, the state has a vital, immensely noticeable army and intelligence agency manifestation that offers unique security and admission matters during incidences of keen watchfulness creating intense traffic support on the nearby infrastructure systems. Furthermore, imperative links to regional cooperation regarding infrastructure exist involving federal administration, Columbia, Maryland and Virginia at the strategic Potomac River junction along with Baltimore Parkway. Owing to the fact that there was no territorial attack on Maryland, the reaction was merely concentrated and anticipatory. This comprised of augmented vigilant checks on burrows, roadways as well as viaducts; measures to guarantee infrastructure safety, traffic jam organization, providing alerts and announcements and aiding Virginia DOT after the attack on pentagon. The State’s transport department was well organized and was concentrated on being receptive. What emerged from the entire episode was that the relevant departments of security and emergency response in Maryland were administratively excellent, with perfect though developing protocols and had the required power to respond swiftly to emergency at a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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