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Data management is vital for future reference and use in an organization. This paper analyzes data management in the Massachusetts General Hospital. The primary focus being on…
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Discussion# 11
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Discussion 11 Discussion 11 Data management is the process of organizing information that is imperative and using it when needed. Data management is vital for future reference and use in an organization. This paper analyzes data management in the Massachusetts General Hospital. The primary focus being on the form of data collected, reasons for the collection, storage of the data and the procedure it uses to inform the practice. One of the proficiency used in the data management is the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). The IVRS functions include: Patients admission, patient diary preservation, provision and allocation of medicine, follow up visit and duty schedulers.
These functions help the hospital in the inclusion of the collected data. The data can be incorporated in every task and assembled for future reference. Patient records can be saved in a diary via IVRS. This makes consultations with the doctors highly effective (Leiner, Gaus & Haux, 2003). The IVRS system allows for the integration of data about the doctors and surgeons present and on duty in the hospital. This consecutively implies that patients are capable of accessing this data via an IVRS pre-recorded message through a phone call. The apparatus used in the hospital processes can be registered with an allocated numeric distinctiveness. This assists the staff to recognize the available drugs in the hospital.
IVRS helps in the documentation of data, making it available to all (Leiner, Gaus & Haux, 2003). The data developed from this process is catalogued in an IVRS using the data outline reports. In conclusion, data storage is automatic in a computerized worksheet through the encoding of IVRS. The IVRS makes the input and organization of data in the hospital unproblematic, fault free and cannot be tampered with manually.
Leiner, F., Gaus, W., & Haux, R. (2003). Medical data management. London: Springer. Read More
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