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Comprehensive Technical Analysis Project - Research Paper Example

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The company was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda as a spinoff from the parent company Toyota industries which main aim was to create automobiles. In1934, Toyota had created Type A engine,…
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Comprehensive Technical Analysis Project
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Extract of sample "Comprehensive Technical Analysis Project"

Download file to see previous pages Its revenues were growing by the day, this is because its presence in Europe and Africa. The company in the 1990’s started diversifying its range of cars and opened up manufacturing industries in many parts of the world. This boosted their sales in the countries where they were manufacturing the cars. Toyota by 2010 was still the motor company to beat in terms of sales; it had sold over 8,557,351 units which represents an 11.0% market share.
In order to measure if a company is profitable it must be compared with its competitor, Toyota sales from only automotive operations as for the fiscal year of April through September the first six months amounted to approximately 8,863.6 billion yen, this translates to $104 billion dollars at an exchange rate of 85 yen to the dollar. Looking at General motors, the revenues during the two quarters is approximately $67.2 billion. Thus, Toyota auto operations averaged about 12% of all sales done in the motor industry in the fiscal year of 2009 to 2010. Toyota auto operations are over 50% larger than all GM sales.
When Toyota and General Motors are compared to the motor industry, they rank way higher than other companies in the industry, this is in terms of the market share and the profitability, the companies have a history of their profits running to billions of dollars and their assets size running into hundreds of billions. They are two of the largest motor companies in the world and they are in frequent competition. The closest company that comes close to the two is the German company Volkswagen, however, it grosses lesser than the two mega companies. The following is a comparison of the industry. Toyota 8,557,351 GM 8,476,192 Volkswagen 7,341,065 Hyundai Motor 5,764,918.
Toyota ascent has been attributed to the ever improving profits and this growth compared with the sales is inevitable. To assess the relativity of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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