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A company or hazardous situation - Research Paper Example

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People do not worry about the daily hazards because of the fact that they have leant from an early age on how to mitigate them. Hazard is defined as a…
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A company or hazardous situation
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Extract of sample "A company or hazardous situation"

Download file to see previous pages These are present at the work place at any one time or the other and they may lead to injury illness or even death (Alesch 50). They are the easiest to spot but often too overlooked because of the familiarity, the lack of knowledge, difficulty in a company spending time or money to make necessary improvements or just delays. This paper is going to discuss the general procedures that are used to prevent injury or harm from moving parts or machinery. It will begin by a description of how moving parts are hazards, the procedures for mitigation, personal protective equipment for specific types of machinery and lastly the engineering controls that are necessary to eliminate the hazard.
As a result of industrialization and subsequently urbanization, machines became a norm in the contemporary world. They brought joy because of the different things that machines could accomplish which were either strenuous for individuals or would take a very long time for individuals to accomplish. Therefore machines increased efficiency and saved on time and costs that would be incurred as a result of human efforts. However the machines brought with them other problems. Moving machines especially have the potential of injuring a person whether the person was aware of the danger or not as long as they are working with the machine or are next to it. It became necessary for people to find ways in which the machines could be monitored or controlled so that harm does not come to individuals (Mannan and Lees 104).
Moving machines can therefore cause severe workplace injuries that range from crushed fingers, hands or arms, amputations to burns and blindness. When an individual working with a given machine comes in contact with the machine by accident, the machine could injure him or others in the vicinity. This means that there is a need to control ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Company or Hazardous Situation Research Paper.
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