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Reflective journal - Essay Example

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When I read claims that seems unsubstantiated on a newspaper or magazine, I always think that the writer should not have written them before doing enough research which can convincingly support those claims. I actually fail to understand how on earth someone can dare do such a…
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Reflective journal
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Extract of sample "Reflective journal"

What do you think when you read claims in a magazine or newspaper that seems to be unsubstantiated? When I read claims that seems unsubstantiated on a newspaper or magazine, I always think that the writer should not have written them before doing enough research which can convincingly support those claims. I actually fail to understand how on earth someone can dare do such a thing which can have very bad repercussions. Such claims have made some journalists end up in court, going to jail or even paying large fines. Not to forget that such claims have made some people to have a bad image in the society and some people have been required to leave office because of such claims. Therefore before a claim is written a good research should be done to gather enough information to substantiate the claim.
How do you approach research?
My approach for research differs with the type and purpose of that research. In most cases I prefer doing research that will enable me to gather as much information as possible while minimizing costs. I mostly prefer a quantitative approach in which one gathers some quantitative data and then analyses and interprets them to answer the research question or the various hypotheses designed. Although this is the approach I like using most, sometimes I find myself using a qualitative approach in which one gathers some qualitative data which she analyzes and interprets to answer the research problem. Each of the two approaches is suitable for specific kind of research and thus one should be careful when choosing which one to use.
What are the biggest challenges of doing research?
Research, as every other study faces several challenges. One of the major challenges is developing and improving research methodologies that will explore the complexity of the research. As we advance in research we find ourselves dealing with complex situations in which we do not adjust our methodology to suite them we might end up gathering misleading research information. The solution for that is using internet and intranet that provide excellent opportunities for exploring new research methods. Another challenge is trying to have a balanced program of research among the researchers. Correlational research should be undertaken by several researchers with an aim of comparing the findings and thus minimizing errors so that the results are compared and thus better decisions realized. The ethical issue that comes up in every research undertaking is another challenge that needs to be faced. The ethics of research requires the researcher to fully be responsible for the safety of his respondent or even the general population he aims to use in his research.
What are the tips that you think will help you and others in conducting research?
One of the major tips, which I think can assist any researcher doing any kind of research, is proper planning and management. This can include choosing the most suitable research methodology and also planning on how to implement the methodology. This planning can help someone foresee some of the problems that he might face during the research and thus device a way of avoiding them. It can also help someone to avoid some of the ethical issues of a research and thus assuring safety to every one participating in the research. Another tip is trying as much as possible to minimize costs of the research while maintaining the quality. This can be achieved through proper budgeting and funds allocation. There are other tips which can make a research to run smoothly. Most of these tips depend largely on the kind of research and thus someone should be very cautious when using them. Read More
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Reflective Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 7.
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