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Brain development - Essay Example

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The number of kids with cognitive constraints in on the rise, and for most kids in these populations, there is limited access to expert support1. Causes for this…
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Brain development
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Extract of sample "Brain development"

BRAIN DEVELOPMENT Couse BRAIN DEVELOPMENT A. Summary of the article This journal analyzes the causes of cognitive impairment in kids with an aim on those in third-world states. The number of kids with cognitive constraints in on the rise, and for most kids in these populations, there is limited access to expert support1. Causes for this impairment have been found out to be malnutrition, genetic and contagious illnesses like meningitis, organisms, and cerebral malaria, in utero medication and alcohol exposure, newborn asphyxia, low birth mass, head wounds, and endocrine illnesses. Majority of these diseases are avoidable. Nevertheless, resources for inhibition are constrained in most advancing regions of the world. The confrontation for this century is to endorse community leaders and government officials to take on the prevention of cognitive impairment as the leading priority for the community. This article proposes that specialists in child behavior and development work with agencies branching from of the United Nations to come up with a world cognitive impairment watch. This program should be able to evaluate and help every state yearly in terms of risk aspects, hindrance watches, and premature intercession programs2.
B. Identify five major points of the article and explain each in detail
a. The HIV/AIDS pandemic is worsening in multiple parts of the world: The spread of TB together with the AIDS pandemic, rising numbers of crises and the perils f anthrax provide ample proof.
b. The pandemic of neurodevelopmental invectives affecting kids and adults surpasses the sum of these issues3. This epidemic is cumulative due to the escalating population numbers, increased existence rates of kids surviving illnesses or circumstances that compromise brain development.
c. More kids are surviving illnesses or disorders that interfere with brain development: This guide towards cognitive development of the kids’ brain, making prevention and therapy harder for specialists.
d. Half of the population in third world states is aged below fifteen years: these children have been estimated to have cognitive constraints due to their living conditions.
e. The number of child behavior and advancement specialists in the United States is diminishing: Kids’ specialists are decreasing and the ratio for therapy decease, making these kids more vulnerable to develop with impaired brain maturity and cognitive mental conditions. The lack of kids’ psychologists and developmental pediatricians brings about petite realization of cognitive illnesses that affect kids in the early years of life. In turn, this induces risks of children growing with underdeveloped brains4.
C. Why did you choose this article?
I chose this article because it analyses the causes of cognitive impairment with a special focus on third world states. This way, raising awareness of the dangers children with cognitive brain impairment would be simpler. The world needs to be aware of the risks these kids are growing up with5.
D. What connection does the topic have with IDEA?
This topic identifies any provided society acting as causes or findings from premature brain invectives. The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) assets that agencies should deal with the conditions and situations presented to whichever culture. The accessibility of kids’ health consultants, analytical resources, academic systems and monetary resources should be disregarded when it comes to assisting such communities6.
E. How does it relate to a child’s growth and development?
Not only might kids have a variety of brain invectives guiding towards troubles in information processing7. However, many of them thrive in environmental circumstances that embrace their restrictions.
F. What type of impact does this topic have on a child’s learning?
Children will be able to know their exposed threats and confront them where possible with the help of specialists and knowledge from the article8. Their privileges and liberties when it comes to fitting in with the rest of the kids will also be exposed and understood.
Olness, Karen. “Effects on Brain Development Leading to Cognitive Impairment: A Worldwide Epidemic” Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics: April 2003 - Volume 24 - Issue 2 - pp 120-130 Read More
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